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The Collection Plate hint is located at the end of the video you can view when you solve Puzzle Box 2: at the end of the video you can see "/collectionplate". If you go to, it tells you "When the time is right I will ask you a question", and also says (#) out of 36 found. This refers to the White Boxes found in some puzzles. Since there are 36 boxes total, there are 9 white boxes in each puzzle box. After finding all 36, you return to and it will ask you a question that you must answer to win the meta puzzle.

Locations of the white boxes are shown below (more required):


Week 1 -

Watch Springs Whitebox - On the bottom left between the letters T and W.

Mantle Clock Whitebox - On the top right hand side of the submit button.

Gears Whitebox - Before the clock disappears and goes to the gears, it is located on the top left of the clock near the bar.

Airport Whitebox - Right next to the letter D in Departure.

Cuckoos Whitebox - In the empty clock at the bottom on the bottom left.

Starfield Whitebox - On the bottom right where the big house (mansion) is. Right on top of the the house.

Calendars Whitebox - On the bottom left of the note beneath the number six (6).

Repair Table Whitebox - On the left side of the yellow clock.

Hourglass Whitebox - Next to the twelve (12) second hourglass's right pillar. On the top right, beneath the curve.

Picture of the white boxes for Puzzle Box 1:

Whiteboxes pb1.png

( picture posted by thebruce on the Unfiction forum )

Week 2 -

Rabbit Trail - On the right side of the fire place, near the top. Next to the circle/oval part (Not the circle on the middle) on the right side.

Posters - Zoom in on Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Flint poster. The box is to the left of the poster next to one of the places the wallpaper is damaged.

Mind Reader - Top right corner of first picture frame.

XRay Cards - To the left and a little bit above the white instruction card.

Gravity Lock - On top of the M in freedom on slide part.

Domino - A little above and to the right of the man's head. In the curtains.

Headliner - Just to the left of the bottom left corner of the poster. (EDIT: Notice that the word OTHER appears at the top of the game window and the box reappears everytime you open this puzzle)

Seven Card Monte - Left of the 6 of spades. Between the middle and bottom spades.

Postcards - Down and right of the fourth card (card with a lady sitting in a chair).

Picture of the white boxes for Puzzle Box 2:

Whiteboxes pb2.png

( picture posted by thebruce on the Unfiction forum)

Week 3 -

Speakeasy - Bottom left of the second screen.

Laser - Top middle, on the plate/panel with a jack.

Balance The Books - Below the book, a little to the right of the handle.

Number Grid - Just left of the area where you type the answer, but still on the area where you type. (NOTE: I had to get a wrong answer to shake the box in order to see it and click it. Don't know if this matches anyone else's experience.)

History Lesson - In the left wing of the plane.

Composers - Near the top left corner of the music score.

Letters From Home - Near the middle left side of the cabinet (Can be seen when opening the letters).

Mural - Left side of the tag at the bottom of the page.

Tomb - Top right corner, near the foot on the wall.

Picture of the white boxes for Puzzle Box 3:

Whiteboxes puzzle box 3.png

( picture posted by thebruce on the Unfiction forum)

Week 4 -

Cliff Climb - Right above the letters OV from the START OVER Button.

Search And Rescue - To the left right above the cable of the transmitter.

Lost Luggage - Bottom yellow strip, near the curve. (mine was on the middle, black strip near the curve)

Chess Column - At the end of the line under "A Game of Chess" title.

Back Stage - Left of the tag on the last instrument.

Music Charts - Outside the note right after BIG BOOTS title.

Drive In - To the right after the last movie title.

Bulletin Board - By the double yellow flowers to the left of the bulletin board toward the middle. (The word "other" appears in the top bar when you click on it.)

Room With a View - Left of the bottom of space needle in the fat building. (You need to put the blinds on first, at least for me.)

Completed Image

After all 36 boxes are found, this image is displayed.


Looks like we've got out colors.

The completed image looks like this: Complete-Crest.gif

It's the COA of this place [1]

Research and references

There are 36 white boxes wich must be combined to get a Coat of Arms (or Blazon). 27 of the white boxes have been found, 9 more to go in the fourth puzzle box.

Here is the incomplete puzzle:


( picture posted by thebruce on the Unfiction forum)

Possible complete puzzle:

Possible complete white box puzzle.png

(posted by cglrcng on the Unfiction forum)

Thalin Athasian's post on Unfiction forum:

The image appearing is a blazon. However at this time I can't really give much input as I do not know the colours. But, here is what I do know.

With the Escutheon of Pretence, with a grappling iron, it is most likely claiming sovereignty over piracy, as the grappling iron was used in naval combat.

The six feathers are a sign of obedience, however they are docked in certain areas. Count them, the normal seems to be 14, however some have 13 and 12. Until we get more images, we cannot be certain that there are more feathers with more docks. To me, those feathers signifying obedience is pointing out (once the whole picture is available) something to follow.

I find it quite interesting really the image that is being shown. With Vista coming out that is even more secure against piracy, perhaps Microsoft is showing this through VP? Who knows - but that's what the blazon is saying.

SuperRob's response ...

While I'm not an expert in heraldry, one of my uncles is. Calling this a blazon isn't technically accurate. A blazon is a textual representation of a family's coat of arms. It's entirely possible for the visual representation of the coat of arms to change over time, but the blazon, what the crest is meant to represent, should remain more or less static.

However, I think Thalin is on to something. I don't think we're necessarily going to be looking for this exact crest, but one that can be described the same way.
The middle feather of the three on the left side of the CoA has 2 of it's "segments" filled in. Coincidence? (Raxous)

It is a device - a blazon is the text to describe a picture of a device.

Slysi's response ... Here is a link to Blazonry.

A Coat Of Arms is meant for an individual not a family. It is linked with Geneology and that persons work in, or towards their community. You can apply for your own in only two places. London and Canada.

I don't recall the specific names of these places, but it is very costly and time consuming to have one made.

The unscrambled final image is the coat of arms for Odessa Oblast a province of the Ukraine.

(new to here) so just wanted to know if any one noticed in the video, that the way they cross their legs, and their blouse, the bow on them is different for all of them and also they way they keep their arms during the whole video # 4 (from left) also tips glasses again, with right hand this time among the obvious, watch, magic wand, the book, and empty handed??? any feed back would be cool !

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