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The following are keys for the Countdown page.



Cipher Key # Key Puzzle Resulting URL
1 wh0isl0ki 9x9 letter grid
2 wh3r3t0g0 HTML code
4 iw4nttwinyou phone number
5 imm0rtaliz3m3 audio file
6 3akix3ozidd1b / 3scap3grav1ty 20x20 letter grid
 ? formula colored connect the dots


Method of discovery: Somebody named "lokivanishes" posted a hint in a forum at neowin. The content of that hint is this:

Well, I don't normally do this, but since you guys were first on the scene, here's a cypher key for you. Impressive job!

More to come....but not delivered like this. Keep your eyes on the Post.

Good luck!



Show text

This grid...

Show text

And this leads to a URL.

Show text

Cipher Key 2

Method of discovery: Laughing Squid received a Puzzle Box Package containing the following key:

Cipher key 2.jpg

This gives us a key and resulting page...

Show text

Html clue.png

Solving this...

Show text

...leading to the URL...

Show text

Cipher Key 4

Method of discovery: A poster at a Halo site received a mysterious Puzzle Box Package containing a grid. (See his post.)

12/23/2006: Earlier today I received a package from Microsoft containing a puzzle box, which after figuring out the puzzle and opening it, contained a small 256MB USB Key. The Key contained a video, a letter, and a cipher key, which I have attached below ... the key seems to be related to the image on the Internet Explorer blog. Anyone figure it out?

Iwant grid.png

This gives the key and resulting page...

Show text

Further investigation shows...

Show text

This leads to a new page...

Show text

Cipher Key 5

Method of discovery: Doug Stockwell performed cryptanalysis on the entire ciphertext, scanning through various possible decryptions. Later, an official key with the same information was discovered by Gear Live.


Show text

Analyzing this file...

Show text

This leads to a new URL.

Show text

Cipher Key 6

This key was mailed to people on a 256MB memory stick in a silver envelope. However, apparently an error was made as it should have read "Rot -4" rather than "Rot +4" in the picture:


Result: Show text

This key is not the "word" it should have been. Apparently someone realized the mistake and posted a corrected picture as lokivanishes in the Neowin forum (post was later removed):



Show text

However, the website will still accept both keys, and both lead to the same page:


This picture again has two errors in it (is Loki that sloppy?):

1) The numbers at the end of the second row have to be: 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1
2) The numbers at the bottom of the 11th column have to be: 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1

Solving this...

Show text

This leads to a URL

Show text

Ignition Video

A new YouTube video, Ignition, was discovered. (ref) It hints pretty strongly that a key is "formula" and entering that key gives the following result:


With this, you...

Show text

This leads you to a new URL

Show text

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