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These clues were written in the sky for Puzzle Box 2.

Los Angeles, California
SkyType la1.jpg
SkyType la1a.jpg
Clue for Tale of 2 Brothers.

SkyType La2.jpg
SkyType La2a.jpg
Clues for Domino, and Seven Card Monte.

SkyType La3.jpg
SkyType La3a.jpg
Clues for Domino,Seven Card Monte and Postcards.

Miami, Florida
SkyType Miami.jpg
Clue for Magic_Lesson.

Sydney, Australia
SkyType Sydney1.jpg
Clue for Gravity Lock.

SkyType Sydney2.jpg
Clue for Headliner.

Phoenix, Arizona
SkyType Phoenix1.jpg
Clue for Mind Readers.

SkyType Phoenix2.jpg
Clue for Cups_and_Balls.

SkyType Phoenix3.jpg
Clue for Rabbit Trail.

SkyType Phoenix4.jpg
Clue for X-ray Cards.

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