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Complete solves - 9
Safe - 15000<br>
Cliff Climb - percy fawcett<br>
Captain's Log - seven<br>
Search and Rescue - gj1<br>
Lost Luggage - db cooper<br>
Memorial Plaque - ray brown<br>
Chess Column - rosenwald memorial<br>
Music Charts - buenos aires<br>
Drive In - theremin
Partial solves - 0
Unsolved - 3
Bulletin Board<br>
Room with a View
The three puzzles without a white box are: Safe, Captain's Log and Memorial Plaque.  When all 36 white boxes are clicked, the collectionplate page becomes a scrambled image, which when reassembled looks like this:
This is the coat of arms of the Odessa Oblast - see Wikipedia.
This could relate to the Odessa floating restaurant in the Netherlands.
Last year, Microsoft treated guests who attended their Microsoft Windows Vista Lab 2 session at the floating restaurant.

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