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re: "Each time and location below corresponds to an official Microsoft Windows Vista Launch Event." From what I found on these two sites, and that statement is erroneous. So I've edited it out. --Drizjr 17:44, 30 December 2006 (PST)

Sydney time

I (SirQuady) am not entirely sure about this time/date. There has been some mention of datelines and daylight savings time, so i'm just lost. Could someone from Sydney area please confirm this time? Thanks davebee!

davebee: I am in Sydney Zone. Originally shown here as 8am Saturday, but I checked and added note here that seemed "someone" had forgotten the date line. Sydney is currently 19 hours AHEAD of PST.

x9: If i can get the location i'll be there (hopefully). x9 Can't go as he'll be in Victoria. I, (The Atomic) am hoping to take his place instead.