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* [[Lost Luggage]] - Not Solved
* [[Lost Luggage]] - Solved
* [[Memorial Plaque]] - Not Solved
* [[Memorial Plaque]] - Not Solved
* [[Chess Column]] - Not Solved
* [[Chess Column]] - Not Solved

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People disappear...

Puzzle Box 4 consists of 12 puzzles, four each of Easy (10 points each), Medium (20 points each), and Hard puzzles (50 points each). It will be opened on Saturday, January 27 2007 at 6:00pm PST. Clues will be revealed in Seattle. Photos and/or video of the event will be posted to the Event 4 article.

(NOTE: When the puzzles are released, edit this template page with the titles of the puzzles, THEN click on it to create the new page.)




For the locations of the white boxes in this set of puzzles, see the Collection Plate[1]