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Video File

On YouTube, lokivanishes posted a second video. (ref)

This video is available in multiple formats:

<flv movie="Ignition.flv" width="320" height="240"/>


  • Music in the background (Mona Lisa, Concorde, Mess I'm Made Of [1]. Lyrics [2])
  • The word "formula" appears 4 times, there's a bit of a delay, then it appears a fifth time
  • NiTi shape memory alloy wire in disarray on a slab of concrete (in the forest? near a house?)
  • Loki applies a blowtorch to it
  • Wire shapes to
  • Reapplies blowtorch
  • Wire reverts to plain straight shapes

Song Lyrics

Right brain's insane
Gonna use my left brain left brain
And I know, I don't wanna be so proud
You don't have to be around when
I held you in place

It's all contained
Gonna use my head pain head pain
And I know, I don't wanna be so proud
(but you are)
You don't have to be around but
You held me in pain

It's all her reign
Living in my guilt stains guilt stains
And I know, I don't wanna...[fades out]

lokivanishes Channel on YouTube
Age: 22
Name originally appeared as Gm7, believed to be the musical chord G minor 7.