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Loki laughs
Loki: It's time.
Listen carefully. I don't have very long and it is my nature to disappear.
My name is Loki. My job is to find the smartest people on the planet. My employers are rewarding them with astonishing prizes including a trip up to the edge of space to see the ultimate vista and being immortalized on a computer chip around the world.

image of flying clock faces

Pay attention. It's all about time.


To challenge the cleverest people in the world, I've devised a series of intricate puzzles. Think you've got what it takes?

hourglass with @ signs
six sides of cube

Calendars. Let's think outside of the box. First there's June, then January, April, March, May and February.

star with 3:15 on it
Las Vegas sign. Vegas flickers and becomes (866)
loki holding a glowing green chip

Everyone knows the color of money.

coded clock face departures
gears HG Wells
loki with numbers and 'solve' upsidedown

The use of calculators in allowed.
All done? Now let's make some waves.

OK. I have time for one more.


Now you should have everything you need. You'll see me again before too long, but act fast. Things in my world disappear.


(See Puzzle_Box_1)