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Video revealed after solving Puzzle Box 3, Memories fade...:

<flv movie="loki__eras__011907__final.flv" width="640" height="360"/>


Loki is sitting on a third director's chair, in the same backstage area, with the paperback book, " The Histories" by Herodotus on her lap. This is the same book which appeared in the original video.

Congratulations, you've got only twelve puzzles left.

So my first week at work was challenging. Everyone wanted to know what I did to get the title "Enigma Director". There's a secret I couldn't tell them, but I had to give up a few details about my life. I'll do the same for you.
I've never taken a sick day.
By my twenty-first birthday I visited almost every country in the world...
and I've never owned a camera; my memory has always been camera enough.
Loki laughs.
My dad had this trick he would get me to do when I was little, at restaurants. He'd ask a stranger to tell me their address and I would tell them their home phone number. They'd always get this funny, amazed look and ask if I was psychic.
I wasn't of course... I just memorized the phone book.
The text "" appears, and "/more_answers" flashes quickly three times.

Loki lowers her eyeglasses during the first sentence; "Congratulations, you've got only twelve puzzles left."
She does this gesture in all the videos (except "ignition"...she isn't wearing glasses in that one); each time during a sentence that includes a directional word.
So far these are:
Hear the challenge video---------- "........................RIGHT"
Bellagio video--------------- "............including a trip UP to the edge of space ..."
Video-loki_time----------------- ".... you've earned it, RIGHT?"
Video-magicweb--- "... that's twenty-four puzzles DOWN"
And this one, - ".. you've got only twelve puzzles LEFT"