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Received this e-mail from LOKI

From : LOKI <> Sent : Wednesday, January 31, 2007 2:00 PM To : Subject : Farewell

 |  |  | Inbox 

Congratulations on a game well played, and thank you for helping us disappear.

You were not the first to guess our identity, but because you played our game, we want to tell you our secret.

There is no such person as Loki - or rather, she is four sisters who decided to be one extraordinary person.

Each of us has a unique talent:

Lorelei is our tinkerer. Clocks and counting, space and time: she is our genius.

Odessa is our performer, our actress and magician, the girl we send in to dazzle and charm. Odessa goes to meetings: Loki gets promoted. It's very convenient.

Kara is our reader. With a love of history and a photographic memory, she gives us access to any fact, figure, or event at a moment's notice.

Ivy is our spy. She's the girl you dont notice, the face you don't remember, and vanishing is what she does best. Ivy has gotten us out of more than one impossible situation.

Together, we have presented L.O.K.I. to the world. Our mask and super-hero, LOKI has allowed us each to be bigger than ourselves.

When we heard Microsoft and AMD were looking to give extraordinary prizes to exceptional people, we knew LOKI could never find a more perfect job. This, Odessa said, would be a trick we could never top. O, how we wanted this job! (And what clever, unfair, underhanded things we did to the other applicants to make sure we got it! But that's another story.) And once we got the job, we all agreed that Loki's greatest triumph would be her last.

We created the Vanishing Point to reward the smartest minds (and communities) on the planet - and still we underestimated you. We used our smarts and our guile, not to mention money and connections and countless hours of time - and still you humbled us. We knew the terrain and barely gave you a mapand that didn't stop you. We built puzzles that should have taken you days and you solved them in hours.

"Loki" is a genius: but you were far more brilliant. You were thought made fire. You were lightning.

Thank you for your work, your talent, and your dedication. It has been a privilege to witness: an honor and a delight.

For each of us to live, Loki had to die. Thank you, thank you beyond words for taking her to the Vanishing Point.

Lorelei Odessa Kara Ivy

Further what I found strange is the box that used to bounce back the message "you found play etc" now replied one message saying that but also this posted below....Could it be another lead????? And who is AAron Coldiron? strange name!!!!

From : Aaron Coldiron <> Sent : Wednesday, January 31, 2007 2:44 PM To : jack bauer <> Subject : Out of Office: Farewell

 |  |  | Inbox 

Thanks for your mail. I'm out of the office traveling for business 1/29 - 2/3 and will be slow to respond to email and voicemail. If your issue is urgent please call my cell phone at 425-256-1592.


Aaron Coldiron

Community | Windows PMG 425.706.3580 x63580 (W) | 425.936.7329 (F)


I get it now!!! hahahahahahhahahah!

So Mr. Aaron Coldiron, along with Microsoft, want there "Free" laptops back? From every Blogger they "gave" away. HEEHEE. Good luck!

Oh man, I wonder if Steve Jobs wants to get in on this one!