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This page is duplicating information already included on the "White Box Phenomenon" page. Perhaps we should consider merging the pages?

bekuletz: I just proposed the same thing on the White Box Phenomenon page :).. do we do it? WBP -> CP or CP -> WBP ?

hmmmm...I think WBP - > Collection Plate would be better because it's the name given by loki to the puzzle...

Should I remove the text that I added about where to find the pieces.

bekuletz: I don't Know wich text you are talking about. If I accidentaly removed any text that you think was useful, feel free to put it back, or let me know and I will put it back.

Gamakichi: I am the one that added the text about where to find each of the pieces in the first puzzle and was just wanting to know that since the pictures are up whether or not to remove the text to make the page look cleaner.

bekuletz: I don't know what to say...maybe some people would prefer just the hint, in this case the text should stay...while other people, like yourself would like the page to look "cleaner" , hence the text removed. Do as you wish.

Maximus23623: Just moving something from collection plate page that should really be in discussion, but note that I did not write this: Has anyone else noticed their counter going to 0 when selecting the white boxes before solving them? I was at 18 after box 2, then was at 0 after selecting all of box 3.

Frappe051: In reply to Maximus: The only thing I've noticed is that I have 26 out of the 27 already found, even though I have clicked all of the white boxes, and even went through a second time, making sure each was clicked. When I first found the page, it said I had 0 out of 36.. and when I was finished clicking the white boxes for puzzle boxes 2 and 3, I went to 1, and clicked them. On 1, though, the white boxes for Repair Table and Calendars were missing. I'm stuck at 26 and don't know what I can do to reach 27..

Maximus23623 (Jan 31): Well, I didn't write that so I'm not sure what whoever did write it meant. But I know I'm missing 2, and I know where they are and can still see them. I'm only worried about one of them right now because I have clicked on it a few times before and waited a while to see if it will do anything, and it has done nothing. The second troubling white box I just started with today, and its not realizing I've collected it, but I'm not too worried about it yet, as I haven't solved the puzzle yet either because when I put in the answer it keeps telling me "OTHER". Well, I have solved it, but it must not like me or whatever. But as for being stuck at 26, I don't know how to help, sorry.