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The last flight is alaska air to San Jose

Departure Scheduled Actual Gate Arrival Scheduled Actual Comments Alerts Seattle 9:55 AM 9:49 AM D9 San Jose, CA 12:08 PM ETA 11:51 AM N/A

- josh

Possible Relevance

There is a city on the Rhine river in Germany called St. Goarshausen. There is a large outcropping called Lorelei Rock, which translates to murmuring rock. There are legends around the rock related to a siren that used to bring sailors to their deaths on the rock.

In addition, there is an amphitheater on the rock that might be a location for something.

This is the location of the rock [1] on Virtual Earth.

--WoogyChuck 07:07, 11 January 2007 (PST)

There is a song about the rock/siren as well. This might hold some clues.

       I do not know what haunts me, 
       What saddened my mind all day; 
       An age-old tale confounds me, 
       A spell I cannot allay. 
        The air is cool and in twilight 
       The Rhine's dark waters flow; 
       The peak of the mountain in highlight 
       Reflects the evening glow. 
       There sits a lovely maiden 
       Above so wondrous fair, 
       With shining jewels laden, 
       She combs her golden hair
        It falls through her comb in a shower, 
       And over the valley rings 
       A song of mysterious power 
       That lovely maiden sings. 
       The boatman in his small skiff is 
       Seized by a turbulent love, 
       No longer he marks where the cliff is, 
       He looks to the mountain above. 
       I think the waves must fling him 
       Against the reefs nearby, 
       And that did with her singing 
                              The lovely Loreley.

--WoogyChuck 07:17, 11 January 2007 (PST)

Another reference to Lorelei

In the movie Ghost Ship, Lorelei was the name of the ship that the Antonio Graza rescued. [2]


Airline Listings

Did a little searching around and these are the airlines on the itinerary:

AW - Dirgantara Air (Operating out of Jakara, Indonesia) SW - Air Namibia (Windhoek Itn'l Airport) AA - American Airlines UA - United Airlines

Looking up the flights online (with the exception of SW to AW, no records found) they do connect from the AA flights on (LAX-Austin-Denver-Seattle). Having trouble locating information on Air Namibia flight #608. The website isn't exactly the most informative. Anyone know where this flight is coming from and going to?


Hey Punchy,

I'm sorry, but you're wrong with the Airline codes. These are not the offical airline codes, they are all domestic flights. Sorry to disappoint.

  • AW 291 - America West - Seattle to Las Vegas
  • SW 608 - Southwest - Las Vegas to Los Angeles
  • AA 1308 - American Airlines - Los Angeles to Austin, TX
  • UA 373/339 - United Airlines - Austin, TX to Denver to Seattle
  • AK 394 - Alaska Air - Seattle to San Jose

--WoogyChuck 17:40, 11 January 2007 (PST)


I'm not too sure of its relevance, but Loki's last name (I'm assuming L. Kisune is Loki Kitsune?) is Japanese for fox. Most likely not her real last name, maybe its a clue? Viridian Fae 08:03, 21 January 2007 (PST)

Kitsune was also the featured article on Wikipedia a few days after we discovered Loki's last name. I'm not sure if this is related to the game or if it was a product of the sudden increase in popularity of the article.