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Video File

As far as we can currently tell, every puzzle box package contains the same video. The wiki is hosting both the original and an mp4 (h.264 video format) transcode, which should play on any modern system or device that doesn't expressly support Windows Media files (e.g. iPods.)

<flv movie="Loki.flv" width="640" height="352"/>


Konamouse at Unfiction has posted the following transcript:

Absolutely not. That wasn’t our deal. Our deal was I would give away extraordinary prizes to exceptional people. And you would be happy.


Yup, I know it’s expensive, but these people are way ahead of the curve.


If you want to interest them, your prizes better be worth their while.


No I can’t come to the office to explain. I can’t. I’ve gotta catch a plane, the 8th is coming fast.


Right, you’ll be glad you wrote the check.


I promise you, it will be *timeless.*

Yeah, I know some of the puzzles ridiculously hard. Believe me, the people you are looking for...can handle it.


The real trick is, can they solve them in time?

If they need help, they can always search for the Vanishing Point tag.


Sigh. The Vanishing Point? It’s where things disappear. Remember?


No no no, come on, I’m not just doing it for the trip to Vegas.


We’re going to make someone famous around the world.


Although, I will say, for a girl with a photographic memory, Vegas is a very profitable city.


Look, you hired me to pull off a stunt that no one could possibly do. The stage is set, the time is right, and I haven’t forgotten a thing.


I have to get off the phone now. Yes I do. Time for me to vanish. It’s too late to back out now. We’ve started, there’s no turning back.


Time Codes

From a summary post by Zyphrax at Neowin Forums:

[00:19] She is packing white gloves, a suit and a high hat (magician costume?)
[00:32] There is a guy at the right side (probably a cameraman slipup)
[00:35] On the left is the map of the Bellagio.
The center sidewalk in front of the fountains has been marked with pen
[00:36] On the right is the Main welcome text of the Japanese Bellagio website
[00:43] She puts 1 watch in her pocket and 4 watches and a small red dart in a box
[00:59] The drawings look like watches and describe the Laplace Transform technique, which is related to Euler (rotated pic)
[01:12] The colored items are chocolates of the hotel she's staying in
[01:17] The black book that she is reading on the bed is: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - Vol 2 by Edward Gibbon

Interesting Details

Presumably a film crew person and extension cord:

The website is certainly the Japanese version of the Bellagio website. Compare the above movie thumbnail to this screen capture of the site:

The map to the left of the Bellagio homepage is of the sidewalk viewing platforms around the main fountains. One platform in particular is circled. (ref)