White Box Phenomenon

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Here are the pictures of the white boxes.

From puzzle box 1:

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From puzzle box 2:

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The 36 white boxes must be combined to get a Coat of Arms. Only The first 18 have been found, 9 in the first puzzle box and the other 9 in the second puzzle box.

You can find out how many white boxes you have collected by viewing the Collection Plate.

Here is the incomplete puzzle:

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( All three pictures are posted by thebruce on the Unfiction forum)

Research and References

Thalin Athasian's post on Unfiction forum:

The image appearing is a blazon. However at this time I can't really give much input as I do not know the colours. But, here is what I do know.

With the Escutheon of Pretence, with a grappling iron, it is most likely claiming sovereignty over piracy, as the grappling iron was used in naval combat.

The six feathers are a sign of obedience, however they are docked in certain areas. Count them, the normal seems to be 14, however some have 13 and 12. Until we get more images, we cannot be certain that there are more feathers with more docks. To me, those feathers signifying obedience is pointing out (once the whole picture is available) something to follow.

I find it quite interesting really the image that is being shown. With Vista coming out that is even more secure against piracy, perhaps Microsoft is showing this through VP? Who knows - but that's what the blazon is saying.

SuperRob's response ...

While I'm not an expert in heraldry, one of my uncles is. Calling this a blazon isn't technically accurate. A blazon is a textual representation of a family's coat of arms. It's entirely possible for the visual representation of the coat of arms to change over time, but the blazon, what the crest is meant to represent, should remain more or less static.

However, I think Thalin is on to something. I don't think we're necessarily going to be looking for this exact crest, but one that can be described the same way.