Audrey Murphy

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Frequently Asked Questions from Neowin Forums:

1. Did Audrey play herself, or did her husband just have her use her account to enter an alternative answer?

2. How did Audrey or her hubby figure out Ivy as the answer on Sunday, long before 42Entertainment decided to give the 3 other clues that led us to Hardee, MS?

Since these question continue to be asked, I thought I would answer them. First of all, I played the game for myself and actually I began to play before my husband did. Secondly, as Rob said earlier, Ivy was an educated guess. We picked it for a couple of reasons based on the other names...

1. The other 3 names were pretty normal or at least ones you hear on occasion. None of them were strange or off the wall.

2. The names seemed to be getting smaller (or vanishing). We thought that was interesting so we decided to look for 3 letter girl names that began with i. That lead us to the name Ivy.

Finally, I put my answer in on Sunday, not Tuesday.