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Video File

<flv movie="loki_time.flv" width="640" height="360"/>


Congratulations! That's twenty-four puzzles down. Only twenty-four before I disappear. I guess you're kind of a magician, too. You've sawed a lady in half.

Alright, so where was I? Oh, right. So, I'm in this room with the one recruiter; usually these guys ask about your research or your grades, but this guy looks me in the eye and says, " Tell me about a time you made something disappear." I told him about disappearing my chemistry professor's office.

I took the door down off its hinges, laid up a little bit of dry wall...some white wash... and you can't forget about the base boards. And I hung one of those huge billboards across the walls advertising swim meets or book swaps.

So the next morning he shows up for office office. He turns around, I'm standing at the end of the hallway, trying to keep myself from laughing...he starts down the corridor...reading the name plates on every door. It took him about two weeks to think about crawling through the window.

So the recruiter says, "Wow, but can you top that if I hire you?" And I say, "Hey, give me the job and I'll even give you your watch back."

Loki is much more animated in this video, moving her left hand in gestures. She is holding a magic wand in her right hand.

Note: It may be worth mentioning that Loki's story, while interesting, is neither true nor original. This is a rather famous MIT hack played on the incoming President. Could this be a clue as to which school she is supposed to have attended? The details are just wrong enough to make you wonder.