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Seattle Party Invitation


Seattle Party Email Reply


Seattle Movie Fireworks Videos


Welcome to The Vanishing Point. Call me Loki.

I believe that human intelligence; creative, playful, pattern seeking; is the axis around which this age of the world will spin. It has been my privilege to give away a set of spectacular prizes to a group of the most creative, playful, intelligent people in the world.
I try to do what the (?) deserve. Spectacular events from London to Berlin, from San Francisco to Singapore, dancing fountains and clues written i n the sky. Over the last three weeks, the smartest minds on the planet have been solving the biggest, most challenging puzzle game ever devised.
Now we have come to the last best chance to win such spectacular prizes as a trip to the edge of space to see the ultimate vista or the opportunity to have your named engraved on the AMD Athlon 64 FX chip. One thing I should have warned you about, You should have written (Loki lowers her glasses as she says) down. I am also a riddle. And when you solve the last of my puzzles, like a knot untied , I will cease to exist. Loki will disappear forever. You are my vanishing point. Catch me if you can.

(Loki points towards the sky; a streaming firework follows that path. The fireworks show begins.)