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People disappear...

Puzzle Box 4 consists of 12 puzzles, four each of Easy (10 points each), Medium (20 points each), and Hard puzzles (50 points each). It will be opened on Saturday, January 27 2007 at 6:00pm PST. Clues will be revealed in Seattle. Photos and/or video of the event will be posted to the Event 4 article.




For the locations of the white boxes in this set of puzzles, see the Collection Plate[1]

--just some wiki/VPG users discussing--

(Just an insight--- could the administrator of this wiki, Brian Enigma, be Loki??? After all, all the letters from Loki to bloggers were signed>> Loki, Enigma Director... How does he know so much??)

( You have a good point---and im kind of agreeing with you..)

(yes-so could this site be a decoy type thing? ...providing us with answers the site shows as correctly solved when you enter the code, but are really counted as wrong? They catch us cheating... no?)

( i dont think its like that---)