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"synchronize your watches"

Pocket Watches-1.png

<spoiler> Clicking a Watch moves it and all adjacent watches ahead 1 hour. The watches turn green at 9 O'Clock. Green watches.jpg </spoiler>

<spoiler> The formal guide on "how turn them all green" Pocket Watches-guide.PNG </spoiler>

<spoiler> Once the watches have all been synchronized at 9:00, text appears: "Time to cash in your chip

What color is it?"

In the the Bellagio movie, there is a green disk with a $ on it--thus the chip in question, and the answer, is GREEN. </spoiler>

<spoiler> Easy way to solve it. Start with clicking any corner watch, then go aroung the box to each watch clicking only once. When you have clicked all 8 outside watches once, click on the middle until it reaches 9 o'clock. </spoiler>

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