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Video displayed after solving puzzle 4 people disappear...


Loki sits on the fourth director's chair in the same backstage area.

Bravo, you've done it!

I have no more puzzles to give you and it's time for me to disappear, but don't worry... vanishing is what I do best. Even as a child, I thought it was hilarious when I hid in the dresser draw and my mother couldn't find me. I rolled around in the soot of the fireplace and stood perfectly still for hours. I got in big trouble when I hid in the washing machine on washing day. If my sisters hadn't found me... who knows what would have happened.
One of you is going to fly into space. And if you've solved all of my puzzles so far, there's a very real chance your name could be engraved on AMD's Athlon 64 FX chip.
Now, there's one more riddle (Loki lowers her glasses as she says..) left. Loki has come to the vanishing point. If you've solved all my puzzles, go to the directory L-O-K-I-V and watch me disappear.

The text "" appears and "/roamingroaming" quickly flashes three times.