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2007-01-17: Upgraded to MediaWiki 1.9.0 (release notes)
2006-12-31: Spoiler plugin source code is available. There is also a new Flash video player plugin installed, as seen on the video page.
2006-12-28: A spoiler tag has been added to the Wiki markup. Wrap text in <spoiler>...</spoiler> to hide it. See the example in the sandbox page. It's not yet tested on all browsers, so let me know if there's a problem. Please note that spoilers should only be used for specific puzzle solutions.
This wiki is an encyclopedia of all of the knowledge gained so far, much of it the result of solving previous puzzles, so is likely to be full of spoilerish information (especially when more plot gets revealed.) We don't need to spoilerize every single bit of information just because it might have come from some puzzle somewhere in the past. Just put spoiler tags around blatant answers/solutions to puzzles.